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PVCu Patio Door

Strong and secure with multi-directional locks and a host of security features to help keep your home safe.The built-in brushes gently sweep away any minor debris each time the door is closed, aiding its silent action and helping it to maintain efficient operation.

With fully sculptured features providing a beautiful finish, our patio door’s ultra-slim sight-lines ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home. Choose from a wide range of colour and handle options to personalise your patio door - each door is manufactured to your bespoke size and design, for the perfect fit for your home.


•  Optional Mid-rail

•  Double or triple glazed options

•  Fully glazed or part glazed/ panelled options

•  Acoustic insulation options

•  Polished, easy-clean white finish

•  100% Lead-free PVCu substrate

•  Double-glazed units use soft coat energy-saving glass

•  Black, White or Grey warm-edge spacer bar

•  84mm Interlock

•  Foiled woodgrain or coloured finish options

•  Multiple cill options including Part M

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