A French window has all the same great features as our casement windows, with the added dimension of extra light and space.

These windows give you a much bigger opening area, and can be an elegant solution to meet fire escape regulations in situations you would otherwise require a large opening window sash.

Every French window is manufactured to the highest standard, using top quality components which are subject to rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Roller Bolts & Shoot Bolts

Roller Bolts contract to lock the sash into the opposing keep. Raising the handle by 90° expands the bolts to release from the keep. The upper and low parts of the locking mechanism contain not only a roller bolt but also shoot bolts that locate in the keeps mounted on the frame. The combined shoot bolts and roller bolts offer 6-point locking.

Easy Clean Hinges

The hinges not only enable a full 90° opening, but when opened, will slide the sash across to allow access to the outer sash from indoors. Security can be enhanced even further by optional hinge bolts.




Chamfered Frame

Our Chamfered frame has a flat neat profile which creates a clean look to any windows and offers more visible glass and less PVCu frame. This allows a vast amount of extra light into your home. It is ideal for a wide range of properties in particular 1920’s buildings and modern new builds.

Sculptured Frame

The Sculptured frame has a more rounded profile ideal for conservatories and larger windows where the amount of light is not an issue for you. The traditional frame size also comes with in a wide range of colours and finishes to ensure that your windows fit perfectly with both the inside and outside of your customers home.


Woodgrain Options

You can choose to have an authentic woodgrain finish whether you choose white, black or an authentic wood colour. You can also specify white on the inside of your frames and a woodgrain on the outside.

Dual-colour is a popular choice and reflects traditional frames where the outside is painted a different colour to the interior allowing for greater flexibility in interior decorating.

Here are some of the colours we offer:


  • White

  • White woodgrain

  • Anthracite Grey Woodgrain

  • Anthracite Grey Smooth

  • Golden Oak

  • Mahogany

  • Rosewood

  • Irish Oak

  • Black

  • Chartwell Green

  • Cream

  • Irish Oak on White

  • Chartwell Green on White

  • Black on White

  • Ral Colout Ext/White Inside

Window Handle Options

We offer a wide selection of window handles from traditional brass through to contemporary steel to enhance your window design. A selection are on display at our large showrooms at Eastbourne. Our window handle variations include inline, offset, cranked and tilt & turn, some of which can be previewed below. Our representatives can talk you through the various options and advise which are suitable for your window replacement.

Extra Security

Our standard shootbolt locking system and optional anti-intrusion hinge bolts can be added to aid your security to ensure both sides of the window are equally protected from attack. These engage into strong metal to prevent the window being forced outward so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your home is well protected and far more secure than with older style locking and handle gear.