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Tilt & Turn

The tilt and turn window is a dual functioning window. You can swing it like a door (inwards) or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. Their design provides you with a slim, low maintenance, practical window combining modern styling with easy operation. Perfect for large window installations in modern extensions as they allow secure ventilation.


•  Side or top-hung opening sashes

•  Double or triple glazed OPTIONS

•  Acoustic insulation OPTIONS

•  Polished, easy-clean white finish

•  100% Lead-free PVCu substrate

•  Black, White or Grey warm-edge spacer bar

•  High-tech multi-chamber profile construction uses structural PVCu rather than steel where possible

•  Ultra-slim ‘almost invisible’ co-extruded glazing gaskets

•  Foiled woodgrain or coloured finish OPTIONS

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