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Apeer 70
Composite Door

When you compare an Apeer door to a PVC Door or Timber Core Door an Apeer A++ Door is proven to save you money over the life cycle of the door. With home heating energy prices skyrocketing, Apeer is a door for the times we’re living through. No matter how we heat our homes – gas, electricity or oil – it’s costing us all a lot more. At Apeer we can’t do anything to bring that cost of energy down, but we can stop precious heat escaping through the biggest opening in your home.


•  Optional A++ Rated Door upgrade on selected doors

•  70mm Thick door slab

•  Triple glazed for extra insulation

•  Double rebated seal

•  27 Colour Options / Any RAL or BS colour

•  Polyurethane core

•  Pas 24 Compliant 

•  Secure by Design

•  Low Maintenance

• Three distinct trim designs across the door ranges

•  Super-strong steel and metal reinforcement

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